Captain's Hat (30 Days) (有限)

Captain's Hat (30 Days) (有限)

劍士, 弓手 , 咒術師, 武道家 專用 

必要 Level: 20Lv

[掉落], [交易], [販售] 無法

價格: 0

Off to the beach!
Duration starts as soon as you equip it.
Increases all elemental resistances by 5.
Provides a 10% chance to catch an extra fish when fishing.
Provides a 5% chance to cook additional meals.
[Set Effect]
Increases the champion XP you earn by 30%.
Provides a 10% chance of increasing damage by 30% if the monster has the same or a higher level than the character if you are wearing the Rafting Costume, Sailing Costume, Snorkelling Outfit or Scuba Diving Suit.