Special items






Gold Reward

Experience Reward

Job Experience Reward

Reputation Reward

Shadow of Zenas Raid Seal

Potion of Salvation

Attack Potion

Defence Potion

Energy Potion

Experience Potion

Durability Coupon

Reward Coupon

Production Coupon

Partner's Backpack (10 Days)

Partner's Backpack (30 Days)

Partner's Backpack (60 Days)

Soulstone Blessing

Point Initialisation Potion


Rainbow Pearl

Magic Eraser

Golden H

Golden A

Golden P

Golden Y







Happy New Year Golden Box

Happy New Year Box

Robber Gang Gold Coin

Robber Gang Silver Coin

Robber Gang Copper Coin

Robber Gang Key

Ibrahim's Golden Key

Ibrahim's Bag

Unknown Relict

Mysterious Relict

Partner's Backpack (10 Days/Event)

Sealed Tarot Card (Fool)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Magician)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Lovers)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Hermit)

Sealed Tarot Card (Death)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Devil)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Tower)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Star)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Moon)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Sun)

Tarot Card Game

Bag of Sweets (Event)

Magic Scooter Box

Magic Carpet Box

Tarot Fortune Box

Sealed Treasure Chest

Magic White Tiger Box

Sealed Tarot Card (Death)

Sealed Tarot Card (The Sun)

Cupid's Arrow

Separation Letter

Sellaim Random Box

Woondine Random Box

Eperial Random Box

Turik Random Box

Grown Sellaim Random Box

Grown Woondine Random Box

Grown Eperial Random Box

Grown Turik Random Box

Wedding Box

Magic Convertible Random Box

Football Bushi Random Box

Referee Bushtail Random Box

Aqua Bushi Costume Set

NosMerchant Medal (30 Days)

NosMerchant Medal (7 Days)

NosMerchant Medal (1 Day/Event)

Sealed Christmas Vessel

Santa Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

New Year's Gift Box (Event)

Magic Lamp

Cute Bunny Random Box

Chicken Costume Upgrade Scroll (Event)

Chick Norris' Random Box

Rusty Robby Random Box

Fluffy McFly Box

Speed Booster

FXP Reward

Fluffy McFly's Random Box

Pet Slot Expansion

Motley Bushi Box

Bushi Collector's Box

Piece of the Pirate SP (Event)

Horned Sweeper Box

Horned Sweeper's Random Box

Pirate Bushi Random Box

Winnie's Treasure Chest

Motley Bushi Costume Random Box

Black Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Blue Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Green Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Red Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Pink Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Turquoise Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Yellow Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Classic Bushi Costume Set (Permanent)

Soulstone Blessing (Event)

Nossi's Dragon Box

Nossi's Random Box

Christmas Gift Box

Pyjama Upgrade Scroll

Christmas Blessing

Mysterious Bell Bag

Christmas Costume Box

Rudolph Bushi Random Box

Magical Ski Random Box

Magical Snowboard Random Box

'Billy Boneshaker' Bike Box

'Blazing Blades' In-line Skates Box

'Doni Darkslide' Skateboard Box

Magical Ski Box

Magical Snowboard Box

'Billy Boneshaker' Bike Random Box

'Blazing Blades' In-line Skates Random Box

'Doni Darkslide' Skateboard Random Box

Calvin's Easter Present (Event)

Easter Box

Growth Fruit (Event)

Female Fluffy Rabbit Costume Random Box

Fluffy Rabbit Costume Set (m) (Permanent)

Fluffy Rabbit Costume Set (f) (Permanent)

European Championships 2012 Random Box

Divine Fairy Random Box

Pegasus Chest

Leona's Fateful Treasure Chest

Darko's Hellish Random Box

Fibi's Frosty Random Box

Magic Scooter Random Box

Magic Carpet Random Box

Cuddly Bushi Costume Random Box

Cuddly Bushi Random Box

Cuddly Bushi Voucher

Oto-Fox Costume Set

Oto-Fox Costume Random Box

Magic White Tiger Random Box

Santa Bushi Costume Random Box

Rudi's Random Box

Fluffy Bally Random Box

White Unicorn

Pink Unicorn

Black Unicorn

Enchanting Unicorn Random Box

Enchanting Unicorn Box

Peculiar UFO

Motley Bushi Box

Motley Bushi Costume Box

Magic Garment of Light Set

Magic Robe of Shadow Set

Windsurfer Box

Fairy Experience Potion

Mysterious Skill Ticket for all Partner Skills

Extra Large Warehouse

Yellow Jeep

Blue Jeep

Red Jeep

Cyan Jeep

Black Jeep

Pink Jeep

Spectacular Jackpot Box

Colourful Jeep Box

Pink Party Set (Permanent)

Yellow Party Set (Permanent)

Blue Party Set (Permanent)

Red Detective's Set (Permanent)

Golden Detective's Set (Permanent)

Brown Detective's Set (Permanent)

Master Detective's Jackpot Box

Party Queen's Jackpot Box

Cowboy Bushtail Jackpot Box

Ninja Bushtail Jackpot Box

Wings & More

Sneaky Bushtails & More

Football Legend Box

Football Fan Set

Casual Costume Box (f)

Animalistic Costume Box (f)

Casual Costume Box (m)

Animalistic Costume Box (m)

Women's Hat Box

Men's Hat Box

Unisex Hat Box

Hair Colour Mix

Brilliant Bushtails & More

Magical Fairies & More

Mighty Mounts & More

Loyal Pets & More


I would like to thank all the people who found NosApki a website worth supporting.
I didn't expect such a reaction from the community, and especially such a large financial support.
It is very motivating that I will not have to pay it out of my own pocket for the next few years.

I will try to get back to making calculators/missing simulators soon.

Thanks! You are the best!

For those who haven't seen it - for the first time in years, I decided to create a fundraiser, because the website does not bring me any profits, and I consider advertising to be the worst thing that can be done on the website.

Check out the fundraiser under the "Support" button.


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