Needle of the Holy Light

Thread of the Holy Light

Soul Healing Powder

Krem Bean

Mountain Turtle Shell

Wasp Sting

Ancient Sandstone

Ancient Fire Magic

Magical Memento

Special Cherry Apple

Special Hill Strawberry

Pikanya Blood

Undead Spirit

Moritius Mineral Water

Special Spice III

Special Spice II

Special Spice I

Rotten Eggs and Rancid Cheese

Magic Heart

Fresh Liver

Heat Resistance Potion

Grenigas Relic

Magical Sand

Unstable Energy

Tattered Scroll

Tattered Diary

Natural Magic Paper

Time-Space Crystal Essence

Time-Space Essence

Time-Space Fragment

Akashic Record

Bloodstained Testament

Rosary Beads

Prayer Note

White Witch Laurena's Wand (Event)

Complete Report

Belial's Orders

Agents' Report (Part 4)

Agents' Report (Part 3)

Agents' Report (Part 2)

Agents' Report (Part 1)

Necklace Chest

Exquisite Ring

Time-Space Piece (Demon Sanctuary)

Sparkling Gemstone

Orus' Letter

Rough Magic Crystal

Magic Goddess Powder

Magical Fernon Powder

Moritius Panacea

Ancient Orc Gold Coin

Ancient Orc Clay Statue

Traditional Orc Weapons and Armour

Relic of the Orc Shadow Hero

Relic of the Orc Fire Hero

Relic of the Orc Light Hero

Relic of the Orc Water Hero

Tator's Blood

Flawless Essence of Serenity

Flawless Essence of Generosity

Flawless Essence of Purity

Corrupted Essence of Serenity

Corrupted Essence of Generosity

Corrupted Essence of Purity

Redeye Scorpion Venom

Repaired Orc Weapon

Old Treasure Chest Key

Logtas' Testament

Funeral Meal Box

Chief's Letter

Broken Orc Weapon

Intact Orc Weapon

Stolen Fish

Mark of the Old Masters

Scroll of Icy Coldness

Chaos Zone Attack Order

Elisia's Hair Accessory

Falco's Training Gloves

Zangpo's Buddhist Prayer Beads

Harold's Ring

Irene's Bracelet

Roberto's Necklace

Harold's Glove

Irene's Glasses

Mysterious Sand

Roberto's Helm

Basilisk Horn

Delmon's Alarm Clock

Strange Chest

Stolen Goods (Robber Courtyard)

Stolen Goods (Desert Robber Camp)

Stolen Goods (Garton's Camp)

Stolen Goods (Keru's Camp)

Shay's Command List

Shoran's Command List

Garton's Command List

Keru's Command List

Melki's Command List

Neil's Command List

Wind Fairy Essence

Sand Fairy Essence

Fourth Suspicious Bag

Third Suspicious Bag

Second Suspicious Bag

First Suspicious Bag

Sand Fairy Dust

Wind Fairy Dust

Earth Fairy Dust

Elf's Leather Bag

Corner of the Letter to the Desert Robber Leader

Fragment of the Letter to the Desert Robber Leader

Fairy Dust


Wind Essence

Sand Essence

Treasure Hunter's Knapsack

Broken Script Tablet (Centre Sanctum)

Broken Script Tablet (Prayer Hall)

Broken Script Tablet (Underground Caves)

Broken Script Tablet (Library)

Broken Relic Piece

Broken Script Tablet

Third Script Tablet

Second Script Tablet

First Script Tablet

Temple Site Report

Stone Tablet Fragment

Report on Temple Site B

Report on Temple Site A

Ripped Document

Grenigas' Relic Piece D

Grenigas' Relic Piece C

Grenigas' Relic Piece B

Grenigas' Relic Piece A

Incense Sticks

Spirit Essence

Broken Relic Piece

Second Robber Key

First Robber Key

Central Aster Temple Relict Piece

Lower Aster Temple Relict Piece

Upper Aster Temple Relict Piece

Medicine Bottle

Patrol B's Hurried Report

Keru's Hurried Report

Jailer's Key

Second Mission Report

Commander Keru's Seal

Desert Robber Emblem

Desert Robber Mask

Trade Good (Sixth Find)

Trade Good (Fifth Find)

Trade Good (Fourth Find)

Trade Good (Third Find)

Trade Good (Second Find)

Trade Good (First Find)

Akamur Merchants' Flag

Broken Trade Goods

Western Trade Goods

Eastern Trade Goods

Superior Trade Goods

Average Trade Goods

Inferior Trade Goods

High Value Trade Goods

Medium Value Trade Goods

Low Value Trade Goods

Robber Gang Jailer's Key

Desert Robber's Key

Command List

Bag of Prickly Pears

Invaluable Patrol Report (Lighthouse Guard Chilton)

Invaluable Patrol Report (Hamid)

2nd Reconnaissance Report

Reconnaissance Report

Neil's Letter

Letter for Assistant Hamid

Bag of Prickly Pears

Prickly Pear

Half-Eaten Prickly Pear

Mukraju's Magic Book

2nd Reconnaissance Report

Bitoren Tundra Reconnaissance Report

Torn Reconnaissance Report

Old Tablet

Third Clue

Second Clue

First Clue

1st Reconnaissance Report


Leika's Recommendation Letter

Latheore's Egg

Anni's Recommendation Letter

Anni's Letter

Mimi Mentor's Letter

Fever's Thread

Seli-Lusha Leaf

Enkidu Mane

Angel's Plume


I would like to thank all the people who found NosApki a website worth supporting.
I didn't expect such a reaction from the community, and especially such a large financial support.
It is very motivating that I will not have to pay it out of my own pocket for the next few years.

I will try to get back to making calculators/missing simulators soon.

Thanks! You are the best!

For those who haven't seen it - for the first time in years, I decided to create a fundraiser, because the website does not bring me any profits, and I consider advertising to be the worst thing that can be done on the website.

Check out the fundraiser under the "Support" button.


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