Golden Thread

Silver Thread

Unknown Sanctuary

Unidentified Metal

Soul of Innocence



Intact Orichalcum

Damaged Orichalcum

Crystal of Balance

Essence of Balance

Element of Balance

Silver Medal

Gold Medal

Mithril Medal

Parchment Scroll

Shining Parchment Scroll

Ancient Magic Dragon Crystal

Ancient Dragon Runestone

Runic Dragon Powder

Snowman Skin

Shark Bear Fin

Dragon Bee Honey


Asgobas' Scale


Triceratops Horn

Cold Crystal

Lava Bag

Dragon Harpy Claw

Triceratops Tendon

Dragon Corpse

Triceratops Meat

Mushroom Head

Ice Dragon's Magic Sphere

Dragon Bone

Guardian's Magic Orb

Eternal Ice

Dragon Scale


Dragon Gem

Sky Dragon Energy

Moonlight Dragon Energy

Ice Dragon Energy

Fire Dragon Energy

Dragon Crystal

Orc Hero's Jewel

Dense Dragon's Breath

Orc Soulstone

Gleaming Ancient Hero's Soul

Ancient Hero's Soul

Chopping Board

Big Mango

Big Onion

Fishing Line


Big Tomato

Big Lettuce

Ancient Coin Bag

Fafnir's Scale

Fafnir's Molar

Fafnir's Heart

Fafnir's Horn

Fafnir's Energy

Pure Essence of Fire

Glob of Slime

King Chicken Meat

Fish Fillet

Chopped Mango

Chopped Onions

Chopped Tomatoes

Chopped Lettuce



Garlic Powder


Chilli Powder

Speed Booster Upgrade Kit

Nut (Event)

Bolt (Event)

Glacerus' Mane

Draco's Claw

Topaz of Completion

Obsidian of Completion

Sapphire of Completion

Ruby of Completion

Small Topaz of Completion

Small Obsidian of Completion

Small Sapphire of Completion

Small Ruby of Completion

Dragon Heart

Dragon Blood

Dragon Skin

Grail's Pattern

Katol's Pattern

Kertos' Pattern

Ancient Civilisation Tablet

Blazing Piece of Red Metal

Earth Crystal

Spring Water

Earth Element

Grenigas Armour Parchment

Grenigas Secondary Weapons Parchment

Grenigas Weapons Parchment

Corrupted Celestial Spire Fragment

Paimon's Shadow Sliver

Paimon Soul Sliver

Infinity Coin

Magic Divine Crystal

Fernon's Magic Crystal

Moritius Springwater

Pikanya Feather

Pikanya Meat

Owlbear Mane

Owlbear Meat

Belial's Runestone

Spirit Forest Branch

Moritius Beast Leather

Fernon's Essence

Fernon's Energy



Pure Mithril


Fragment of the Fernon Tree

Frost Crystal

Fairy King's Essence

Varik's Essence

Rumial's Essence

Ladine's Essence

Elkaim's Essence

Turik's Essence

Eperial's Essence

Woondine's Essence

Sellaim's Essence

Abyssal Essence

Twilight Essence

Holy Water of the Order

Broken Magic Sword of Belial

Fernon's Egg

Black Titanium Bar

Erenia's Egg

Zenas' Egg

Black Titanium Shard

Moritius Obsidian

Dark Magic Arrow

Satyros Wing

Beast King Horn Fragment

Spirit King Fragment

Loa Runic Powder


Occult Bone Powder

Sign of the Demon

Golem Core

Pickled Moss

Fresh Moss

Hot Lump of Metal

Red Apple Box

Ripe Grape Box

Huge Strawberry Box



Akamur Badge

Desert Robber Mask Piece

Akamur Mask Piece

Light Blue Pumpkin Stone

Orange Pumpkin Stone

Violet Pumpkin Stone

Sekraz Ore

Rainbow Coin

Dark Crystal

Godly Crystal

Dark Magic Crystal

Godly Magic Crystal

Hot Golden Thread

Hot Silver Thread

Hot Wood

Hot Fabric

Hot Leather


Ice Cubes



Sweet Syrup

Shining Blue Soul

Shining Red Soul

Shining Green Soul

Angel's Feather

Polluted Sap

Green Gel

Clotted Blood

Leech Tooth


Glowing Bag

Giant Cell Clump

Hard Shell

Brown Mane

Lizard Skin