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Onurlu: Usta Haydut ayakkabıları

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Haydut Çetesinin Gümüş Ayakkabıları

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Deniz Görüşü Çizmeleri

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Haydut Liderinin Ayakkabıları

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K. svy 25

Yaşlı canavarın ayakkabısı (kopya)

K. svy 25

Hayaletler Kralı'nın ayakkabısı (kopya)

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Mühürlü cehennem ayakkabıları

K. svy 28

Mühürlü cennet ayakkabıları

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Zenas'ın lüks topuklu ayakkabıları

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Fernon'un Ayakkabıları

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Yaşlı canavarın ayakkabısı

K. svy 58

Hayaletler Kralı'nın ayakkabısı

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Ejderha Lordu Ayakkabısı

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Hafif Ejderha Kemiği Ayakkabısı

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Buhar Ayakkabıları

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I would like to thank all the people who found NosApki a website worth supporting.
I didn't expect such a reaction from the community, and especially such a large financial support.
It is very motivating that I will not have to pay it out of my own pocket for the next few years.

I will try to get back to making calculators/missing simulators soon.

Thanks! You are the best!

For those who haven't seen it - for the first time in years, I decided to create a fundraiser, because the website does not bring me any profits, and I consider advertising to be the worst thing that can be done on the website.

Check out the fundraiser under the "Support" button.


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