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Collare di Cerbero

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Collana antica di Mano

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Collana raffinata di Mano

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Collana Occhio di gatto

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Collana pregiata Occhio di gatto

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Collana di lusso Occhio di gatto

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Collana di cristallo

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Collana di cristallo pregiato

Livello 43

Collana di cristallo antica

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Collana di diamanti

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Collana di diamanti antica

Livello 53

Collana di diamanti pregiata

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Collana di diamanti di lusso

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Collana di Oriharcon raffinata

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Collana Luna piena

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Collana di Oriharcon antica

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Collana dell'eroe obliato J

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Collana di Diareason

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Collana di ametista

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Collana di Rudiseselrun

Livello 80

Collana con l'energia del Lich

Livello 85

Collana di Kedenoss

Livello 88

Collana di Kertos

Livello 90

Collana del Cane incandescente

Liv. eroe 10

Collana di giada

Liv. eroe 15

Collana di ossidiana

Liv. eroe 18

Collana di Zenas

Liv. eroe 18

Collana di Erenia

Liv. eroe 30

Collana di osso di triceratopo

Liv. eroe 30

Collana occulta

Liv. eroe 30

Collana di rame Mullan

Liv. eroe 35

Collana d'argento Mullan

Liv. eroe 38

Collana di Laurena

Liv. eroe 58

Collana Cuore di bestia

Liv. eroe 60

Collana portafortuna draconiana

Liv. eroe 78

Collana del drago bianca

Liv. eroe 78

Collana del drago

Liv. eroe 80

Collana Ingranaggio

Liv. eroe 88

Collana Elemento

Liv. eroe 88

Collana Ingranaggio argentata


I would like to thank all the people who found NosApki a website worth supporting.
I didn't expect such a reaction from the community, and especially such a large financial support.
It is very motivating that I will not have to pay it out of my own pocket for the next few years.

I will try to get back to making calculators/missing simulators soon.

Thanks! You are the best!

For those who haven't seen it - for the first time in years, I decided to create a fundraiser, because the website does not bring me any profits, and I consider advertising to be the worst thing that can be done on the website.

Check out the fundraiser under the "Support" button.


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